HADA Motorsport Club

HADA Motorsport club is a non-profit organization for Honda and Acura enthusiasts.

We compete in, and organize, a variety of motorsport activities in Ontario and Quebec, including Autoslalom, Ontario Time Attack, Regional Road Racing, Ice Racing, lapping days and a winter Karting Series.

Most of these events are at the grassroots level: no one gets paid to participate or paid when they win, and a majority of events are run by volunteers. We do it because we love to drive, love to wrench, love to compete, and love to get people involved in motorsport.

It’s also about community; HADA members help each other and other car clubs too. We share cars at events. We offer suggestions and instructing to help each other improve. We share knowledge about the best ways to prepare our cars. We don’t shy away from getting in there with a wrench and helping.

Our monthly club meetings, which include wrenching sessions at sponsors’ shops during the summer months and technical theory discussions in the winter, are always full of members and guests. We’re there to learn, but also to socialize.