Safety tips when working on a roof

Many people fail to maintain safety regulations when working on a roof. Whether you are a contractor or just a guy or gal at home looking at your roof, you NEED to take certain precautions to ensure your safety. Too many people are injured or killed because of neglect when walking or working on a roof – and almost all of those cases are preventable!

Instead of skipping safety checks and guidelines because they take too much time or are too frustrating to perform, imagine if you weren’t able to continue working because of a serious injury – or worse.

Here are a few tips and guidelines for maintaining a safe work environment when you are on your roof.

  1. Keep a clean work area. Make sure you keep the area you’re working in neat and clean. Remove debris, leaves, and other items from the area where you’re working to prevent slipping, tripping, and/or falling. Also, make sure to keep children and animals away from your designated work area as well.
  2. Mitigate the risk of falling. When on a roof, it’s not uncommon to experience small slips or to lose your footing at certain times. To decrease the chances of a catastrophe, remember to avoid working on wet roofs, clean leaves and dirt from the areas where you’ll be walking, and wear proper shoes or footwear when on a roof.
  3. Understand ladder safety. Many contractors fail to understand the best and safest ways to use a ladder. Be sure your ladder is securely against the house or roof, and always climb up and down the ladder with caution. Also, avoid placing your ladder near power boxes or power lines.
  4. Understand the dangers of electricity. Electricity doesn’t need a completely direct connection to transfer power. In some cases, electricity can “leap” from a wire to your ladder or tools. Be sure to keep away from exposed sources of electricity while you are working.
  5. Protect your body and eyes. When working on a roof (or any construction project), wear proper clothing and eye protection. Especially when you are on an elevated surface, getting something in your eye can cause discomfort, disorientation, and can cause you to lose your balance. Make sure to protect your eyes so you can see what you are doing and where you are moving.
  6. Understand community guidelines. If you’re working in a city or town with specific guidelines, make sure to understand those as well. While a larger city might not have strict guidelines for a roofing company in Naperville, requirements may be different for roofing contractors in Saint Charles. Be sure to contact local building guidelines before you begin your project.

When working on a roof, you will probably need to use a variety of tools. Whether that’s a hammer and nails, screwdriver set, nail gun and air compressor, or others, be sure to read the appropriate manuals and guides for those specific tools. Many people fail to learn how to use the tools they’re using for their specific projects and can end up causing damage to the tools, the project, and even yourself. Plus, if you’re a contractor company, you need to make sure to follow all OSHA guidelines as well.

Hopefully this quick guide can help shed some light on maintaining a safe and productive work environment when you’re working on a contracting project – whether it’s on your roof, your basement, or anything in between, be sure to stay safe and have fun!

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